wedding fashion

There is something unique when you buy a wedding dress.

It has nothing to do with fabric and lace.

You acquire the heritage, an entire culture, a unique story that follows you from the moment you imagined it.

Amongst all the wedding couture houses Atelier Zolotas has the most unique heritage that no one can imitate.

Everything that happens here is true, it comes through the heart, through the need for intense thrills.

You should not accept stereotypes.

You've got to dare in a moment as special as you!

For all of us here this is not just our job, it is our joy, it is what we consciously choose to do, it's what we love!

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haute couture
μοντερνο νυφικο
xeiropoiito nufiko, αγορα νυφικο
handmade wedding dress
bridal fashion
σχεδιαστης νυφικων
ατελιε νυφικων
υψηλη ραπτικη
γαμπριατικο κοστουμι
moderno nufiko, νυφικο ανοιχτη πλατη
vintage wedding dress
enoikiasi nufikou
agora nufikou
groom zolotas
greek wedding
foremata zolotas
boho wedding dress
παραδοσιακοι γαμοι
ενοικιαση νυφικου
ελληνικο νυφικο
χειροποιητα νυφικα
handmade vintage wedding dress
vg zolotas
dantel nufiko
foremata zolotas
νυφικα boho


Channel the spirit of a wedding in the islands of Greece
in seamless silhouettes and subtle bohemian accents.

All dresses are handmade with impeccable craftsmanship
in the land of Bohemian summer Greece.

plekto nufiko
gampriatiko kostoumi
atelier zolotas

569 Vouliagmenis Avenue, 16451, Athens - Greece | t:(+30) 210 9962562-5 |

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