A walk in the most picturesque Greek neighborhood! 

Under the shadow of the Acropolis, in the heart of Athens, lies Plaka. It is one of the most picturesque Greek neighborhoods with a unique architectural character that captures your heart during the very first stroll… A historical part of the old city, where the past meets the present and the Hellenic spirit is alive!

Every street and every corner has a hidden charm and its own story, found in its glorious past! A story closely connected to the spirit of the handmade wedding dresses by Atelier Zolotas bridal house, that draws inspiration from the Hellenic heritage.

We took a walk with Paulina Niarchou in this beautiful district, where Ioanna Sarri -an authentic Greek beauty- was dressed in the bridal tones of white and ivory, in -not one but- four gowns from the Hellenic Vintage collection!

You might be attracted by the breezy flow of the Iocaste dress, whose organic fabrics look as if they are breathing. Equally alluring, a pure white crop top combination of the Theoni Top and the Erato skirt is made for bright, sunny days.  Cybele’s elegant yet revealing transparency is hard to forget, and if you love a mermaid dress, you might find your wedding dress in Akantha! Each gown is gracefully embroidered in crochet by hand…

As for the styling, we will let you be in two minds whether to choose the stunning golden jewelry by Thallo, or a colorful flower crown!

Could you think of a better place to express the philosophy behind the birth of the Hellenic Vintage collection than this colorful neighborhood?

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pauline Niarchou Photography | WEDDING DRESSES: Atelier Zolotas
HAIRSTYLING: Giorgos Sazeidis | MAKE UP ARTIST: KateMeUp |
JEWELRY: Thallo | MODEL: Ioanna Sarri | FLOWER  CROWN: Atelier Zolotas

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