Atelier’s Favorites: Bridal Braids

In Atelier Zolotas, we love summer. Living in Greece, how can we not? When it comes to a bohemian bridal hairstyle, can you think of something more summerish and appealing than braids?

Bridal braids definitely have our vote for looking effortless, somewhat romantic, while being so versatile. A bride can look royal or even hippie wearing them!

We’ve seen it on and off the red carpet and they are always a big trend on runways around the world. They are considered a classic choice since time immemorial and they are totally adaptable to a bride’s personal style.

When it comes to choosing the right one for you, the options are endless. You can go for crown braids, a braided bun, French braids, fishtail… I could go on forever. A braid can also be decorated with flowers or even jewelry and we adore this hairstyle accessorized with a floral crown!

We like it even when it looks a little messy and loose. It compliments any hair color and it is more impressive when your hair is highlighted.

The braided style is a classic.. and it will always remind us of sunny days!


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