Before a great show… [backstage]

If you ever find yourself at the backstage of a runway show, you might not get it at first glance! The backstage team, which is an entire group of people, is on the move, taking over every corner, surface or mirror. But what might seem to you a little chaotic, is organized in great detail, as a result of several meetings and personal thinking… The directions are clear, everyone knows exactly what to do and so the preparation begins!

This is true for every runway show. But before a great one, you can feel it in the air. The wedding dresses are finally out of their cases, giving the room a “Hellenic Vintage” atmosphere. Arranged on clothes stands, each section for a different model, they are ready to be presented to the world, some of which for the first time.

We know the models look beautiful even before hair and make-up… But there is always something magical about watching women getting ready. Their hair starts to form loose waves, eyes and lips are becoming accentuated. Suddenly an almost ready model walks by you, astonishing everyone and making heads turn. The photographer’s cameras flash towards her, while the synchronized preparation continues.

The models start wearing jewelry, gracing themselves with little pieces of art in the shades of gold. The exquisite jewelry from Thallo is a great supplement to the Hellenic Vintage Collection. They are inspired by Greek nature, and “theros”, which is the Greek word for summer. They either form contemporary lines, or they are sculptured in gold. Above all, they are completely handmade, just as the wedding dresses of the collection.

The look is completed by the flower arrangements of Zantzos. We consider him more like a flower artist than just a florist. The models wear dreamy flower crowns in a variety of bold colors, and hold beautiful bouquets, mastering the wedding look.

You can see that the young girls have turned into brides… Gazing themselves in the mirror and playing with the skirts of their gowns! The photographers’ cameras draw attention to different places, capturing every detail.

The designer gives the final directions and everyone is encouraged to enjoy it… It’s finally showtime!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Andy Van Rose | WEDDING DRESSES: Atelier Zolotas

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