I can certainly describe in words how much fun the Zolotas runway show in Athens Bridal week was, but instead, I have amazing photos and videos to share with you!

I will only tell you some backstage stories, and then leave you to the photography by Valentiny Amasiadou and the video by Portfolio54 that is about to go viral.

Nothing can go wrong in the hands of Michalis Pantos in the creative direction, the talented team of Freddy Kalobratso in the hair and makeup, the incredible floral headpieces of Comme Ca Fleurs & events and the pieces of gold by Thallo jewelry.

VG Zolotas had many surprises up his sleeve… The gorgeous Ιoanna Sarri opened the show and Mikaela Fotiadi, accompanied by her baby son Borbokis junior (dressed by Baby u rock ) and her partner Yiannis Borbokis (dressed in Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas) closed the show in the cutest way! The two-year-old toddler turned the backstage into a small party, dancing to his favorite tracks and cheering everyone up (quite an influencer already, don’t you think?).

Moments before the runway, the venue was full of attendees & special guests, as part of the Bridal Fashion Week of Athens. We are always enthusiastic about presenting the Hellenic Vintage collection in its birthplace, as the perfect debut of a long agenda around the world, coming up this season!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Valentiny Photography | VIDEOGRAPHER: Alexis Zafeirakis – Portfolio54
HAIRSTYLIST & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Freddy MakeUp stage | NAIL ART: Nyxi nyxi Nail Academy
FLORAL HEADPIECES & BOUQUETS:  Comme Ca Fleurs & events | JEWELRY: Thallo |
JUNIOR ATTIRE:  Baby u rock  | GROOM’S ATTIRE:  Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas  |


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