Bohemian Scene by the River!

The Hellenic Vintage collection takes us places (you might have noticed)! That’s after all the essence of a bohemian spirit!

The photographer and decorator, inspired by the organic nature of this handmade collection, created a nomadic wedding scene on the river banks of! Their concept was simple: the river, meadow flowers, the sky above and a romantic couple.

Here are some interesting backstage stories… The bridal bouquet flowers were gathered from a beautiful field near our photoshoot. The couple is real, already married for a few years, and was not chosen by chance! For them, it was a great opportunity to have a magical celebration and escape through an elopement photo shoot!

As the photographer narrates… “As soon as we set our minds on the theme, we started looking for an authentically bohemian wedding dress for our bride. This is when Zolotas Baltic came into the picture! We contacted Roberta, who proved herself invaluable! When we arrived with Maria and Eglė to the Zolotas Baltic boutique, she tried on 3 handmade dresses, but “Amalthea” was the first one Maria wore and we instantly loved it!

Above all, we liked the idea of a transforming dress – as you will notice in the photos, Maria’s dress has detachable sleeves! By clipping them off, a whole new bridal look is created! We are very happy to have found your beautiful dresses in Lithuania! They are remarkable and unique. And we look forward to your new collection!”

PHOTOGRAPHY: Maži Stebuklai | DECOR: Stilingos šventinės dekoracijos
HAIRSTYLING & MUA: Beauty by Aurėja
MODEL: Marija Gintaliene & Mantas Gintalas

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