Caldera Workshop: storytelling in Santorini!

A good story is hard to find. It thrives οn daring people who fall deeply in love. Who choose to be genuine, and are able to take a leap of faith. Who go against all odds, no matter how hard it might seem to the rest.

So when you do have a great story… Are you able to tell it?

In Atelier Zolotas, we like to listen to your story and express it in your personalized wedding dress. This is why every dress is tailored from the very start for each bride. By using our hands and minds, with pure organic fabrics and the originality that comes from the Hellenic heritage, we are able to express your story…

We always choose to work with people who believe in storytelling on a professional level. Who aspire to inspire.

In the artful photography and videography of Arte Cinematica, this is a beautiful reality. I believe they create visual poetry.

Most importantly, they will be sharing their know-how, along with 8 other professionals from all around Europe, in the Caldera Workshop, on May 7-10.

It will take place on the Aegean island-gem of Santorini.

If you are a professional, this would be a great chance to connect with the most experienced contemporary photographers & videographers.

And if you are a bride-to-be, you should know that this could be your Day After photoshoot…

This photoshoot was staged as a promo for the Caldera Workshop, using a real married couple who happen to be models. We are the proud sponsors of this event. The Cloe and Melody gowns are featured in this promo!


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