How I met my man…

From the first time we met, we realized that we will be together forever!

Then, he proposed…!

The proposal was romantic! It was my birthday (on 7/9!), and we were out celebrating with our families! We got home late, and as soon as I opened the front door, I saw candles, roses, balloons and a cake! In the center of the living room there was a heart made by roses and candles! His partner in crime was his brother! The poor guy was stuck at the house waiting for us to arrive, in order to light up the candles and then disappear! When I looked more closely at the heart, I saw a small white box… I was already at a loss for words, when I opened the box, and saw him fall down to his knees and say “Will you marry me?”.

My eyes started to tear up. Of course, I said “yes” and I gave him a kiss and a huge hug!

We had a civil marriage which took place in late July, at Livitsanou estate, in Melissi, Korinthia.

The magic lies in the details!

Our wedding style was boho macramé, in the shades of ivory, dusky & vintage pink and we generally used several pastel colors. Since we took on the entire decoration, I loved every single detail, and most particularly the macramé arch with our names written in wood! We only had professional help when it came to my bridal bouquet and the flower decoration on the bride and groom’s table.

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

I can’t think of just one! From its first moments up to the last, I enjoyed it and lived it to the fullest! However, the moment which vividly comes to mind is when I arrived at the ceremony by boat and I faced the love of my life! We hadn’t seen each other for just one night, but it felt like a month! I was anticipating for our feast of love to begin!!

To the rhythm of our first dance! 

We chose some of our favorite Greek songs! When we arrived at the reception we played the song “Mazi sou” by Konstantinos Argiros and our first dance was at the song “Irthes” by Nikos Vertis, which is our love song!

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

Don’t stress over the details that no one cares about, just enjoy every moment 100%! These moments never come back! All you need is a good mood and your genuine smile!

Oh, my wedding dress!

Originality is what makes you stand out from the rest of the bridal houses! When I was dreaming about my wedding dress, I wanted something completely different, and I saw your work. I was completely fascinated by your unique wedding style!

When the time came for my first appointment in Atelier Zolotas, I wanted to try everything on. First Ι had in mind the handmade gowns made of traditional lace, when you presented me with a design that was exactly our wedding style…it was macramé ! It was brand new and hadn’t even been photographed in the lookbook yet! When I saw it, I knew this was the one! It felt like it had been created especially for me! I fell in love with it… I knew I was about to wear the best wedding dress!

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality…

WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Custom Made dress  | BRIDAL SHOES: Sante |
GROOM’S ATTIRE:  Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas | GROOM’S SHOES: Versace 1949  |
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Georgia Sarantopoulou| HAIRSTYLING: Sunny & Giouli Hair Salon  | FLORIST: Handmade by aderfes Spyropoulou
WEDDING CAKE: Deipnosofistes catering | WEDDING INVITATIONS: Handmade by aderfes Spyropoulou | WEDDING FAVORS: Handmade by aderfes Spyropoulou | WEDDING RECEPTION: Livitsanou estate | CATERING: Deipnosofistes catering| WEDDING RINGS: Viatre | BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: H&M kids

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