Eleni & Marinos

How I met my man…

We were both studying in Greece, in the town of Agrinio and it didn’t take long for us to meet in 2010… And ever since 2011, we have been together!

Then, he proposed…

After five years, it all happened on an August night. The wedding proposal had all the craziness & humor that characterizes Marinos!

We got married on October 15 in Cyprus, at the church of Agios Therapontas in Lythrodontas.

The magic lies in the details!

Our wedding style was boho mixed with romantic-chic, and special details of wood and gold! The main palette was quite romantic, including earthy tones and pale peach, beige, green and pale pink!

As for the wedding flowers, we chose tulips, English roses, astilbe, celosia, eryngium, mini roses, mathiola and setaries! My decorator had the bright idea of surrounding my bridal bouquet in macrame embroidery, to match my wedding dress. The result was stunning!

What really stood out was the macrame arch at the entrance of the church, the embroidered by hand curtain of flowers, and the tall flower stands along the aisle, adorned with laces, combined with more handmade pieces of embroidery! Basically, the main inspiration of the decoration derived from my Zolotas wedding dress, framing its impressive crochet!

The best wedding decision I ever made… and also the worst one!

The best one was working with the top professionals, who made everything we had ever dreamt of a beautiful reality! Starting from the choice of a wedding house, to the decoration, the photographer, the DJ and so on!

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

A very special one was my entrance to the church, walking down the candle-lit aisle, and seeing Marinos waiting for me with a huge smile on his face, as well as the loving hug of my dad, before he gave me away to my man!

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

Just enjoy all the wedding preparations, put your trust in the right hands and find the most amazing wedding dress that represents your personal taste!

To the rhythm of our first dance! 

For our first dance, we chose the Greek song “Na m’agkaliazeis”, by Giannis Kotsiras, which we danced under dim lights and stars lighting the venue, while the word LOVE was illuminated in the background!

Oh, my wedding dress!

To be honest, I had never imagined myself as a bride. I believed that no wedding dress could perfectly suit me, because they all looked the same in my eyes. While browsing on the internet, I came across a photo of a wedding dress, and I immediately thought that this was the one! After that, a series of coincidences followed! Atelier Zolotas happened to host a Trunk Show in Cyprus at that time, so I booked my appointment! Seeing the Hellenic Vintage collection in person, you realize that you are looking at true works of art, with unbelievable crochet embroidery and motifs, all made by hand! I tried on the dress in the picture and the moment I looked at myself in the mirror, I was deeply moved and just said to myself “this is the one”.

I would like to thank each and every one of the girls, as well as VG Zolotas himself, because while I might have been in Cyprus as my wedding dress was being tailored in Greece, we constantly kept in touch during the process, and I had complete trust in them! No extra fittings were needed after my first and only rehearsal since all the minor alterations were made on the same day at the Atelier, and I had my dream dress delivered after 15 minutes! I just look forward to seeing everyone again, since I plan on altering my wedding dress for the next special occasion of my life! Melina & Angeliki, I thank you for everything!

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality…

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Louis Gabriel Photography | VIDEOGRAPHER: Louis Gabriel Photography
WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Ijunia dress  | BRIDAL SHOES: DUKAS |
GROOM’S ATTIRE: Massimo Dutti | GROOM’S SHOES: Tsakiris Mallas |
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Andri Christoforou | HAIRSTYLIST: Xanthi Kayia | WEDDING PLANNER: Luciana Wedding Creations | FLORIST: Luciana Wedding Creations |
WEDDING CAKE: Pandora Catering | WEDDING FAVORS: by Chryso Markidou | WEDDING RECEPTION: Pavilion Hall| CATERING: Pandora Catering | WEDDING DJ: Dj Michael C. | VOW CROWNS: Laka Luka Wedding & Accessories | WEDDING RINGS: Cosmeorogi Jewels |

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