Elopement in Santorini!


There is a feeling I think everybody gets when they find themselves for the first time in Santorini. It is perfectly described by the Greek word “Deos”. It is translated as awe, in an almost transcendent meaning, combined with a deep sense of respect. This volcanic island is famous for its unique sunsets, unparalleled beauty, and Cycladic architecture.

They say that every sunset is unique… just like snowflakes. And just like people. This means that the horizon on your wedding day will never be repeated… This is also true for your wedding dress when you choose Atelier Zolotas couture on your significant day. This is because every gown is tailored from the start, for each and every bride, to fit her individual body shape and reflect her personality… now back to Santorini.

For most, it is considered a life goal to visit this historic and mesmerizing location… let alone get married to your partner in life in one of the most magical locations in the entire world.

In August, we received an e-mail from California, with a proposal to partake in an editorial, featuring the wedding of a real couple… A creative team comprising a photographer, a videographer, a wedding planner, and many other talented professionals,  flew to Greece from overseas…  After seeing the bride in pictures, we knew the ideal handmade dress that we would send to Cocoon Suites, their hotel in Santorini.

The wind was so strong that day, but this just made the photos and video more powerful… The Alianna dress in ivory complimented the bride in every steep landscape she found herself in. And we know the scenery is pretty breathtaking… so we chose a gown with a stunning open back and a ruffled linen skirt which resembles the waves of the vast blue sea, which meets your eyes everywhere you look.

Nicole & Michael exchanged love vows and meant them, although everything appeared like a movie scene that we would watch over and over again.. And after a while, there came the famous Santorini sunset.

Personally, when I first found myself in Santorini, I made an inner promise: that I would return again. I wish the same to the team who contributed to this amazing editorial. We would like to thank all the talented people who made it happen.

Time to enjoy the presentation of their wedding story…


EVENT PLANNER: EMA Giangreco Weddings | PHOTOGRAPHY: Lilly Red Creative |
VIDEOGRAPHY: Alessandro Bordoni | FLOWER DESIGN: Fabio Zardi  Destination Wedding Architect   | CEREMONY VENUE : Cocoon Suites Santorini | WEDDING DRESS : Atelier Zolotas |
DRONE FOOTAGE : David Mariottini, Drone Arezzo | MACRAME: Heidi Martin My Macramania

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