Exotic Photo Shoot in Bali

They say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, which totally meets with our creative philosophy! In a majestic place like Bali, the exotic scenery of its nature harmonizes with the organic nature of the Hellenic Vintage collection!

Our bohemian state of mind has been appreciated worldwide by the rebel-spirited brides who want their wedding to be different from all the others! Everyone acknowledges that a woman can simply look amazing in organic couture, but most importantly, a bride can only FEEL amazing and cool in organic pure-cotton fabrics.

In the perfect amount of drama & effortless appeal, today we present you with the Io crop top dress, the Keila gown and the Ophelia crop top dress (which we have photographed in Bali before, we know!)

In Atelier Zolotas, we personalize your bridal look after we listen to your story and wedding vision, by breaking tradition, while representing the timeless Hellenic tradition. In case you are not able to visualize this just yet, take a good look at the handmade embroidery in crochet and cotton cord, which embellish the gowns in a sophisticated way you’ve never seen before! Your bridal look will be edgy, with a discreet touch of romance, which is exactly what brought you down the aisle, right?

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tessa Kit Photography
MAKEUP ARTISTS: Yeanne Makeup Art & Makeup by Deaz | HAIRSTYLING: Tini Hair Bali (Yeanne and Team)
JEWELRY: Bluemoloko  | VILLA: Villa Mar Bali
HANDMADE DRESSES: Zolotas Australia

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