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How do I book a virtual appointment with the Zolotas team?

You just need to fill in the online form, choosing an available date that works for your schedule. We will get back to you with proposed time options for you to confirm.  

How should I prepare for my virtual appointment?

First, take a close look at the boho-chic collection and note the names of the designs you adore. We also recommend trying on various wedding dress styles before your appointment. This way, you can have a better understanding of what you mostly like wearing, and also what works better for your body! The Zolotas collection does not have any competition, because of the unique, handmade dressmaking techniques required. So, we do recommend that you book an appointment at any local bridal boutique! From then on, it is important that you wear clothes that allow the team to have a good understanding of your body shape. A fitted top/bodice and a pair of skinny jeans/leggings would be perfect. We also encourage you to have your closest ones with you, to share the experience! Finally, be sure to have a stable internet connection!  

Do I need to make an appointment in order to try the collection in the Atelier?

Yes. By booking an appointment, we can make sure that our wedding experts will assist you in the best way possible, in your own showroom. The duration of every appointment is one and a half hours and you will be able to try on as many dresses from the Hellenic Vintage Collection as you would like. In your appointment, you will have our full attention and we will make sure that you enjoy this mindful and personal event! 

How far in advance should I book my appointment?

The earliest, the better. We recommend that you begin at least 8 months before your wedding date for the best experience. Not only because of the time and work that a handmade Zolotas wedding dress requires but also because when you choose your wedding dress, everything falls into place! After that, you are able to create a wedding aesthetic that ties everything together, and continue making choices on the decoration and the special details you want to include! From then on, we have a big team that can adapt to any timeframe (even if it’s really tight), but we recommend that you begin as early as possible! 

How should I prepare for my physical appointment in the Atelier?

Be sure to wear nude underwear, preferably without lace, and bring shoes with the same heel height (or the maximum possible) as you plan to wear on your wedding day. These details are essential for determining the length of your wedding dress during your appointment. 

Can I make alterations to a specific model from the Zolotas wedding dress collection?

Certainly! In fact, we encourage you to do so! We believe that your wedding dress should be a unique expression of you and that it should be personalized to your beautiful body shape. Your haute couture dress will be tailored especially for you, so you can include any ideas you might like. Our experienced team will guide you through the process, and offer suggestions that you might want to include!  

Do you make plus-size wedding dresses?

Of course. Not only we are extremely experienced in how to compliment your body, but we also love creating a dress that you will feel amazing wearing on the day of your wedding! The boho-chic wedding dress collection includes a variety of models with pattern shapes that will bring out the best features of your body shape! 

What if I’m planning on losing weight?

After we have taken your original measurements and tailored your wedding dress that fits your body, if you happen to lose weight, our experienced team of tailors and seamstresses will perform a final fitting before your wedding day. Your dress will be altered to your new measurements, and this process will be completed on the same day as the new measurements are taken. 

What if my wedding date is in less than two months?

We can make it happen! We can accommodate rush orders with a priority given to your order, with a small additional cost. We also recommend taking a look at the samples sales section, which gives you the opportunity to acquire a Zolotas wedding dress, made to measure.

What languages can we communicate in during our virtual appointment?

The designer speaks English, Italian and Portuguese –apart from Greek. Our bridal expert team speaks English. If your command of these languages is not very good, just have someone with you, to help our communication!  

How much does a Zolotas wedding dress cost?

The value of a Zolotas wedding dress is immeasurable, reflecting Grecian heritage. Prices start at 1,500€ and vary based on the required handmade work. Check the Sample Sales section to discover amazing offers (just be quick about them!).  

Where is Atelier Zolotas located?

We are located in Glyfada, 39, Leof. Dimarchou Angelou Metaxa, in Hesperides Square 

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us, by filling in our contact form, by email at [email protected] , or by calling us at +30 210 9962562.  


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