Francesca & Daniele

How I met my man…

In 2016 two of our best friends organized a night out! This was the night my future husband and I met. We also met true love!

Then, he proposed…

When the earthquake of 2016 struck the Italian region Le Marche and made me unable to continue living in my family house, we decided to start living together!

Seven months later, on July 7, 2017, I was sitting on the sofa working on the computer, when suddenly Daniele came into the room. He was wearing a blue suit although the temperature outside was almost 30 degrees (but love takes no notice of the weather!). He started reading a letter, when he characteristically said “Love is when two hearts meet, and two souls decide to live together, helping and supporting each other. That means being a family. Will you marry me?” and while I was repeating “yes, yes…yes!” he presented me with a wedding ring!

On June 16th, we got married at the church of Santa Maria a Mare in Torre di Palme, in one of the most beautiful Medieval villages of the Le Marche region.

The magic lies in the details!

The church of Santa Maria is located on the top of a hill overlooking the sea. It was built in the XII century of stone and terracotta, and has a dominating bell tower, with impressive arches in the interior.

After the ceremony, we held the reception at a beach-front restaurant in Porto San Giorgio.

We had a romantic wedding. All the details came together resulting in a relaxed, unique and elegant ceremony! My bridal bouquet, as well as the rest of the floral arrangement, included blooms in the shades of white. I chose roses, calla lilies, and lisianthus.

The decoration details I loved the most where a myriad of floral heart-shaped wreaths located in the aisle.

The best wedding decision I ever made… and also the worst one!

The best was the choice of church, with its panoramic terrace. Its view of the sea coast was truly remarkable!

There are no worst decisions when you talk about one of the most beautiful and joyful days of your life, because the most important thing is the bond you create with your partner. The rest are just amazing details and memories.

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

There are two moments that I will never forget. Firstly, when I finally arrived at the church, escorted by my dad, and seeing my man waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Secondly, the speech my dad made, addressing my future husband, in front of the altar. My dad said ” You are going to marry my daughter with all her qualities and faults. I would like both of you to love each other for a lifetime, with all the courage it takes, and always be inspired by the faith in God.”

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

All the details were organized by my husband and I. Of course, it was not perfect, but it was definitely our wedding, just the way we had dreamt it to be. Especially since every choice you make about your wedding stays with you forever, creating the best memories of your life. Additionally, I would suggest all brides focus on what really matters (LOVE) and enjoy the entire day to the fullest!

Oh, my wedding dress!

For my wedding, I chose the “Rhea” wedding dress… The best decision I have ever made! When I saw it in the showroom I immediately realized this was the dress which truly represented me. I felt that, with its unique texture, it suited me perfectly.

All these feelings were confirmed once again at the wedding. Everyone said that it was the first time they had seen a wedding dress which was completely different from all the others. They thought it was unique, elegant and absolutely stunning.

Everybody started taking photos of the dress telling me that I look like a beautiful Greek goddess! That was the perfect time to reveal the Greek origin of the dress and the name of the bridal house!

I chose my Zolotas dress in the Italian atelier “Sogno di Sposa” which is renowned for providing exceptional and professional service. The owner, Federica, always answered every question that came to my mind, making me feel confident and happy, every step of the way.

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality…

WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Rhea dress  | BRIDAL SHOES: Sogno di Sposa by Federica |
GROOM’S ATTIRE:  Gelso Nero | GROOM’S SHOES: Gelso Nero |
MAKE-UP ARTIST: La Gardenia | HAIRSTYLIST: Marina Evangelista | FLORIST: Paola Leonetti
WEDDING CAKE: Pasticceria Cognigni | INVITATIONS: Handmade | WEDDING FAVORS: Marta Torretti| CATERING: Alger Silva Gega | WEDDING DJ: Tre civette sul comò | WEDDING RINGS: D’Angelo Gioielleria | BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Sogno di Sposa by Federica
AFFILIATE BOUTIQUE: Sogno di Sposa by Federica

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