Georgina & Diogenis

How I met my man…

We met at work! He was the new guy in the office, and flirting between us didn’t take long! His smile… his eyes and sense of humor won me over instantly! Two months later, we were together! So, I plead guilty of mixing business with pleasure!

Then, he proposed…

It happened on a hotel balcony, as we were celebrating our two-year anniversary! It was the perfect finale to a wonderful evening. We had just returned to the hotel, after a beautiful dinner, followed by a nice stroll. Suddenly, he presented me with a wedding ring! I was so thrilled… Needless to say, my enthusiasm literally kept me awake all night!

We got married on June the 3rd, at Saint Nicolaos church in Protaras, Cyprus!

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

My favorite moment was seeing Diogenis waiting for me in front of the church! I will never forget his smile… The most moving instance was being accompanied by our little daughter on my way to him… And when we reached him, he handed lovely bouquets to both of us!

The magic lies in the details!

Our wedding style was boho-chic and somewhat dramatic, and the colors we picked were purple and grey!

And now for the flower talk! The bridal bouquet had David Austin ‘Patience’ baby roses, mint, and cool water roses, lisianthus (milka and white), echeveria, eryngium, limonium, senecio and eucalyptus!  For our decoration we stuck to the above-mentioned flowers, but the roses! They only appeared in my bouquet!

In the end, everything was outstanding, so I can’t really pick out a single detail… You really have to look at the pictures! All in all, the decoration was just magnificent!

The best wedding decision I ever made… and also the worst one!

I think that the best one I ever made was deciding early on exactly how I wanted everything to be, including every aspect of the wedding whatsoever.  As for the worst one, I never had someone cut the wedding cake, so our perfect cake remained “perfect”. But we did enjoy it the next day, though!

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

Dear bride-to-be, pick the right professionals and from then on, enjoy the preparations of your wedding  without being stressed! Most importantly, make sure you are well-rested on your wedding day, because there’s a looot of dancing and fun on the schedule of your big day!

Oh, my wedding dress!

My wedding dress was love at first sight! I saw it on the internet and contacted Atelier Zolotas on facebook! I knew that we were several miles apart, something which concerned me at first! But luck was on my side, and Atelier Zolotas would come to Cyprus for a Trunk Show –their first one ever! Once I saw it, I immediately booked my appointment and soon I was in the forest house of the event!

When I first tried it on, I was convinced that it was exactly what I wanted. It was also the first wedding dress I ever tried on and the easiest wedding decision I ever took! I never doubted it for a moment. On my wedding day, I heard nothing but the best comments for its distinctiveness and original style! I felt gorgeous wearing it!!

My Atelier Zolotas experience was amazing! Never had I imagined that having such a precious dress in my hands would be so easy! Who would guess that just a one-day trip to Athens would have been enough to have my wedding dress delivered!

We landed in Athens, with my best gal in the morning, and headed to the Atelier. We were welcomed with pretty smiles, genuinely friendly faces and steaming cups of coffee! By noun, my tailored dress was perfectly made to measure, ready to travel with me back to Cyprus! Everyone had told me that choosing your one would be the hardest part, but for me, it was the easiest. My perfect dress.

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality…

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Photo Studio Costa | VIDEOGRAPHER: Photo Studio Costa |
WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Ijunia dress |
MAKEUP ARTIST:  Andri Venizelou | HAIRSTYLIST: Antonis Yiasemides | WEDDING PLANNER: George Koyionis | RECEPTION: Laxia Palace | FLORIST: George Koyionis |
WEDDING DJ: Iacovos Hadj | WEDDING RINGS: Spanos Fine Jewellery| VOW CROWNS: MellonMeli | WEDDING CAKE: Lotier Liotatis |

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