Here’s to you…

Here’s to you, who decided to do it in a different way. You who loves to wear his shirts.

Here’s to you who makes lists. Who wants everything authentic because you are original. To you who laughs with all your heart. And wants to be with him, and only him.

Here’s to you who likes to wear your grandmother’s jewelry. You who loves to braid your hair. To you who wants your mother on your bridal appointment, even if you totally disagree on matters of style! Who never settled for anyone who wasn’t worthy enough.

Here’s to you who called your best friend to tell her the big news, but she already knew he was about to propose. Who wants to DIY! Who loves to travel around the world.

Here’s to you who was trying to say “yes”, but couldn’t speak, because you were overcome by tears of joy. To you who knows what you want and actually goes for it. Who wants everything to be true, and not necessarily “perfect”. Here’s to you, who is a free spirit.

Here’s to you who likes to wake up next to him. Who can dance all night! To you who wanted loved ones to be there, even if they are no longer here.

Here’s to you who had always stated: “I’m never getting married”. To you who won’t be able to remember the names of half his relatives, but you are going to hug them anyway. Who will have it your own way or no way! To you who won’t lose all the excess weight before the wedding!

Here’s to you who will tell him not to shave, because his beard is perfect. You, who had your first late nights with your father.

Here’s to you who loves summer. You who creates a memory with a photo. To you who feels blissful when you swim. And has always had trouble closing your suitcase.

Here’s to you who is bored of wedding magazines. Who likes to walk barefoot. To you who is going to disappear for a while during the reception, to put your baby to sleep. You who doesn’t want strass, just stars. And will have your wedding on an island.

Here’s to you who will kiss your man like no one’s watching. Who wants to grow old with him. To you who will be the prettiest bride that has ever been. Who knew he was going to propose, because you can tell when he is up to something. You, who puts on makeup in the car.

Here’s to you who just had another tattoo. You who wants to have your dog at the wedding. Who stated that on your wedding night you won’t have much to drink -yeah right!

Here’s to you who probably won’t help but giggle. You who will allow yourself to actually enjoy it. And will remember to look at the stars! Here’s to you who is marrying the best guy… Or you who is marrying the unrepentant bachelor!

Here’s to you who daydreams. To you who considers friends as family. Who does everything at the last minute. To you who had dreamed of someone like him. Who –at times- thinks of moving to a desert island, and really believes it for an instant!

Here’s to you who smiles at your cell phone, when reading his messages. And reads books on the metro.

Here’s to you who sees the glass half-full. And you, who often drops your phone. Who loves to travel on a boat… and still believes in fairy tales and happy endings.

Here’s to you who dances around the house. You who still hasn’t learned how to put on eyeliner properly. Who sings in the car. And reads magazines from back to front. To you who sometimes wears unmatching socks.

Here’s to you who cries over commercials. And wants to spend Sunday in bed. To you who makes conference calls with your best friends. And believes in bad luck.

Here’s to you who takes big breaths to calm down. To you who first became a mum, and then a bride. Who looks up to him. You who loves strong coffee. To you who is said to act like a child… And loves the way he smells.

Here’s to you who loves the sound of the rain. Who shares your deepest thoughts and dreams with your sister. To you who googles your dreams to find their interpretations. To you who still watches Disney movies. And likes to wear your grandpa’s watch.

Here’s to you who gazes at the colors of the sky. Who eats Nutella with a spoon. And loves surprises. To you who likes to bury your feet in the sand. Who loves big walks.
To you who makes him happy.

When we were creating the Hellenic Vintage, we had in mind someone like you.
From Atelier Zolotas, here’s to you.

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