Innovation award for VG Zolotas in Milan!

Si SposaItalia, is one of the world’s biggest trade fairs for professionals, taking place on an annual basis, as a major part of the Milan Bridal Week.

Big names and historical brands from the international bridal scene grace it with their presence every year, in order to inspire and get inspired. This fair sets new trends and it is celebrated with events, exclusive runway shows, and awards!

Visitors all over the world congregate in this worldwide meeting with an astounding radiance. Every year we see what’s new, what is classic and what is about to become a classic. Upcoming designers debut their collections and impressive stalls are set up!

In the capital of fashion, Milan, the new bridal collections have everyone talking about them, in a beautiful celebration of haute couture craftsmanship, fashion, and creativity.

May 2015 was the second time around for Atelier Zolotas’ designer, VG Zolotas, as an exhibitor and also a pretty glorious one, as he won the award of the “Most innovative designer of the year” for his Hellenic Vintage collection.

This award was a big honor for the designer, which motivated him to exceed himself and continue to bring something new to the table every time. It rewarded him for his boldness to be different and it was a recognition of his belief in his own creative vision.

Every designer wants to be different, but in such events, you are able to measure among the best and stand out. You see the strong points that make you unique and you return home, wherever that is, feeling inspired. The most important thing is that you build a worldwide network, meet buyers, exhibitors and old friends. You establish new partnerships so that you are able to make wedding dresses for brides around the world who share the same values as you: authenticity and belief in the handmade.

Most importantly, you keep yourself updated on the latest bridal affairs, which is important if you want to call yourself an expert!

This year, Si Sposa Italia is celebrating its 40th anniversary and it is expected to be more festive than ever! Our next report will be from Milan and we are really looking forward to it!

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