Interview of the designer VG Zolotas for Barcelona’s Fair

  • What is your vision for the evolution of bridal fashion?

VG: There is something really unique when you choose your wedding dress. It’s not just about the fabric and laces. You acquire a significant part of heritage, it’s a reflection of an entire culture… There is a story behind every dress… That’s how I imagine the evolution of bridal fashion. Completely personalized and bespoke. In a mechanized world, I imagine wedding dresses with handmade sensitivity and distinctive character.

  • What do you think bridal and fashion trends have in common? Do they go hand in hand, or is one ahead of the other?

VG: There are similarities between bridal and fashion trends, but they don’t have a lot in common. There is a generic feeling that determines them, like the love for transparency, but your wedding dress is something completely different. For me, it is a personal affair that must not be affected by passing trends.

It is a dress you have dreamt for years, since you were a little girl. It has to be an expression of uniqueness. It has to be authentic. I like to see it as a sentimental garment. It is a very mindful process. Nobody should tell you how to be a bride. You have to dare in a moment as special as you that reflects your true colors.

  • How do you think trends influence the process of creation of a collection or a retail point?

VG: Trends do not influence my process of creation. I am driven by the Hellenic heritage, one that is timeless. We use simple lines and handmade embroidery in crochet.

I believe you have to always follow your heart and your intuition – that is exactly what I do. We choose the personality that comes from heritage.

  • What do you think buyers should consider when projecting a sales point?

VG: There is so much to know about your wedding dress… For me, every dress has its own unique story. Our hands have taken care of every detail… which is so rare today. Once you have found a personal connection to the dress, everything falls into place. It’s really not about the right one… It’s about the one that feels more personal.

  • What’s your trend forecast for the upcoming runways of the season?

VG: We love bohemian vibes and vintage aesthetics. Gowns that look like nothing you’ve seen before. We intend to create the most unique embroidery in crochet and our scissors are definitely about to cut more eagerly than ever… Wedding dresses with the personal attention of the designer and authentic creations. I believe they will be honest and extraordinary!

  • How do you think the bridal industry is adapting to the requests and needs of the millennial generation?

VG: I get inspired by the millennial generation. They are daring and bold, they know what they want and they are not afraid to ask for it. They want your personal attention. And you know what, sometimes contemporary brides are more fashion-forward than the designers!

That is why we make sure they find exactly what they want and they enjoy the experience to the fullest. For us, this is not just a job. It is pure joy. It is what we choose to do every day. It is our heritage.

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