Into the Wild of Australia in the Hellenic Vintage collection!

Do you believe wild forests and haute couture don’t mix? 
A lot of brides have fallen in love with the Hellenic Vintage collection but have never seen it transformed into a bridal utopia, in the wild scenery of a forest. Flossy photo were the ones to depict it best, with the Brookleigh Estate providing the wedding backdrop!
There is a mystic feeling of serenity in this beautiful setting… It might have to do with the imposing flower portal, or even with the model’s exotic beauty. It definitely derives from the organic couture of this handmade collection, that brings out a bride’s bohemian character. Simple lines, an open back in the Arathea dress, an accentuated waist in the Carme dress and intricate but refined details in cotton cord or crochet predominate.
The result is awe-inspiring because of the minimalistic rustic decoration,  the element of wild nature and the extraordinary white blooms and flower arrangement of Botanica Naturalis!
The art de la table is revealed in the candlelight, which perfectly compliments the wedding setting.
Want to see how you could also be transformed into a wild forest fairy?


PHOTOGRAPHY: Flossy Photography | EVENT PLANNER: Heart Strings Hire + Style |
WEDDING DRESSES Zolotas Australia | HAIR & MAKE-UP: Elicia Rudd | FLOWERS: Botanica Naturalis
JEWELRY: Blake and Bell

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