Ioanna & Panagiotis

How I met my man… 

We were both doing our post-graduate degree when we met, back in September 2011. We were fellow students, who were first introduced on the bus, on our way back from university. So, ever since Christmas 2011, we have been together!

Then, he proposed… 

…in December 2015! He had just arrived to pick me up, to go to the cinema. I came downstairs with some spinach pie! When I got into the car, he asked for a bite! I thought to myself that Panagiotis never ate anything inside the car, but whatever! Then he said, “Gosh, I stained myself, can you hand me a wet hankie from the glove compartment?”.

I then thought to myself again, “Panagiotis never has wet hankies in the car, but since he asked…”. I opened the glove compartment, and to my surprise, there was a rose and a ring inside an open box! I was speechless at first and then I started laughing! He also started laughing, and so we were both not speaking, only laughing! Then I gave him my hand, telling him “Come on, aren’t you going to wear it on me?”. Which he did -without stopping laughing! Then I asked him, “So what is it you want?”. And then he proposed. And I said yes!

We got married in Panayia Misosporitissa, in Paiania, on June 9th.

The magic lies in the details!

Our wedding was country style, with burlap being the main element (used to wrap the papyrus wedding invitations, and also to create the little wedding favors bags! Our wedding colors were ivory and brown, while the groom’s suit was blue!

As for the flowers, we chose wheat, chamomile, lavender, white-ivory roses and baby’s-breath. For my bridal bouquet, we also chose baby’s-breath with white-ivory centifolia roses (of 100 petals).

My most favorite details where the driftwood flower stands, the floral balls and the wooden lanterns!

The best wedding decision I ever made… 

The choice of estate for our wedding reception (Argithea winery) was the best! The second best was wearing all star shoes, after our first dance!

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

Pick the right professionals: especially the photographer, Dj, reception venue, catering, and bridal house -Atelier Zolotas, obviously!

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

It was our first dance, to the sound of Altalena by Lino Cannavacciuolo. We only had 3 rehearsals during the previous day, but everyone thought that we had taken dance lessons -yes, we were that good! Everyone’s applause when Panagiotis spun me around, was unforgettable! The second best moment was when he brought me a -surprise- birthday cake after 12:00… It was my birthday, and I had asked for one, but he had managed to convince me that it wasn’t going to happen! At about 12:20, I had lost track of time, so listening to the Happy Birthday song playing, was indeed a surprise!

Oh, my wedding dress!

My dress was a Midsummer Night’s Dream! It was exactly what suited my character and personal style, as Ioanna. I love my wedding dress so much, that I was very careful the whole night, not to stain or tear it! And indeed, nothing bad happened to it during the wedding day! The disaster happened during my Day After photo shoot when I entered a field for the sake of art!

My dress was amazing. The impressive motif in the center, the belt wrapping my waist, which was embroidered in crochet, the laces running down the front and back, and the fact that it was closed in the front, made me feel so comfy. My gown was perfectly designed to make me feel amazing wearing it! I think I will wear it at home every now and then, to feel that joy again!

Choosing the one…

I never went anywhere else, since I knew what I wanted from the start. I first saw the Zolotas collection during a wedding fair. Their handmade dresses were so different from the rest, which made them absolutely unique. My first choice was not the final one, though! One year before my wedding, I made my first appointment at the atelier, to try on the collection with the help of my 3 friends, my mum and my mother-in-law. Everyone loved the “Rhea” dress when I tried it on, but when I wore “Aslia” everyone became so excited, that they swept me into selecting this one! So that’s what I chose on that day! But when I returned home and looked at the photos once again, I wondered why I had chosen it! “Rhea” was the one I really wanted, so I held a little gallop, asking everyone which one they preferred -hoping to get answers that would lean toward the Rhea dress. But it was 50-50! However, I had my heart set on Rhea. So I called to make a second appointment right after my first one, to see it again. For the following 3 weeks until my next appointment, I was sleepless! When the day came, I chose Rhea without taking anybody’s opinion into consideration, so I started sleeping again -literally speaking!

My Zolotas experience was so beautiful, we had a great rapport. My dress was sur mesure, including all the alterations I had asked for. The fact that it was made from the very start for me, to satisfy my expectations, made me think even more highly of the standard of services provided by Atelier Zolotas. It surpassed what I had dreamt of, as far as exceptional quality and professional assistance are concerned.

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality…

WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Rhea dress  | GROOM’S ATTIRE: Tailored |
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Ourania Petraki | HAIRSTYLIST: Renia Loizou | FLORIST: Flowers Bonsai
INVITATIONS: Prototypon | WEDDING RECEPTION: Argithea Winery | CATERING: Club Service | WEDDING DJ: Giorgos Athanasiou | VOW CROWNS: Wed&Crowns |


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