Katerina & Costas

How I met my man

What brought us together was the love we both share for dancing! A mutual friend also contributed to our getting together!

Then, he proposed…

It was a wedding proposal with a “European air”… it was literally made in the air, during our flight to Paris, in front of all the stunned passengers and crew! I think the pilot was in on it, as the proposal was made through the microphone of the aircraft! It was a truly incredible experience!

We got married in the church of Kyrillos and Methodios in Thessaloniki, on the 15th of October.

Magic lies in the details

 We tried to give our wedding a youthful-romantic style. We kept it simple, choosing only a few colors… mainly in earthly tones. They were in perfect balance with my wedding dress and the decoration of Dimitra from “Ergastiri Dimitriou”. 

For the bridal bouquet and the floral arrangements we opted for autumn colours, mainly using David Austin roses combined with Αstilbe scabioza and Hypericum magic giant, accompanied with autumn leaves!

As for my favourite details… White balloons added a festive note. After the ceremony, we just released them in the sky, along with our guests!

Our wedding invitations were also very unique… my dear brother Vasilis Vikeloudas personally saw to them!

The best wedding decision I ever made… and also the worst one!

The best one was giving our wedding our own fresh and personal touch and managing to express ourselves in a wedding that represented us!

We didn’t regret any choice we made!  

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

Our entering the reception venue, with the groom rocking, under the music of U2, his favourite band! And of course, the party that lasted until the early hours of the next morning!

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

Don’t follow the beaten track, go for the choices that express her idiosyncrasy as well as her temperament! This way she will look perfectly natural and beautiful!

Oh, my wedding dress!

What can I say about it?  There are so many things to tell…. I’m thrilled I chose it and all the positive comments I received justified my choice! It was exactly how I wanted it to be… Different from the usual, something new, fresh but at the same time timeless. It was elegant and majestic, youthful but simple. It was ME. I felt wonderful wearing it.

The Zolotas experience was exceptional! In the beginning, I was troubled by the fact that I chose an atelier in Athens, as I live in Thessaloniki.. This didn’t give me the opportunity to make a lot of rehearsals and this made me feel a bit weary! However, their professionalism and of course the impeccable result of my dress made my every concern disappear! I would definitely recommend them to any bride who’s looking for something different!

And we would really love a Zolotas boutique in Northern Greece!!

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality! 

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Zaharudakis ZK Studio | VIDEOGRAPHER: Zaharudakis ZK Studio
WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Aslia dress | BRIDAL SHOES: Jimmy Shoes |
GROOM’S SHOES: Diamantis | MAKEUP ARTIST: Stella Nakou | HAIRSTYLIST: Anastasia | FLORIST: Zizopoulos Christos | WEDDING PLANNER: To ergastiri by Dimitriou
WEDDING CEREMONY: Kyrillos and Methodios, Thessaloniki | WEDDING RECEPTION: Ktima Myronidi | WEDDING CAKE:  Ktima Myronidi  | INVITATIONS: Vikeloudas Vasilis (design), 2D typocenter (printing) | WEDDING FAVORS: | Handmade
WEDDING DJ: Dj Danis | CATERING: Ktima Myronidi
WEDDING RINGS: Poiisis | VOW CROWNS: Marinis Xeirotexnimata

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