New Life’17…seen the catwalk?

Starting with numbers… 150 exhibitors and thousands of visitors attended the New Life 2017 expo on the 20th-23rd of January. It was another year of grandeur, special surprises and high expectations that this expo is all about! Runway shows took place, celebrities attended, the press and media were there.

You have probably read all about the backstage of Atelier Zolotas and seen the exclusive photos by Andy Van Rose, so you are already an insider! Care to see what happened on the actual runway?

VG Zolotas presented the Hellenic Vintage Crop Top, a summerish complement to the main collection! The bohemian vibes and vintage aesthetics of the collection remain -no one would like it any other way! But this season scissors cut more eagerly than ever and hands created the most unique embroidery in crochet!

The catwalk also included some of the most beloved handmade gowns from the classic Hellenic Vintage collection! The accessorizing in gold by Thallo and the colorful bouquets and flower crowns by Zantzos just couldn’t go unnoticed.

Time to enjoy the catwalk, don’t you think?

But just before that, once again, a big thank you to all the talented professionals who contributed to this runway show!

[Hera top and Keila skirt]
 [Hera top and Keila skirt]

[Celia top & Celia skirt]
[Celia top & Celia skirt (Suit: Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas)]
[Circe top & Circe mermaid skirt ]
[Persa top & Persa skirt]
[Io top, shorts & Io skirt]
[Doris top & Doris Trims skirt]
[Artemisia dress (left) & Doris top & Doris Trims skirt (right)]
[Artemisia dress]
[Berenice top & Berenice skirt]
[Phillys dress]
[Alianna dress]

[Alianna dress]
[Dianthe dress]
[Alcmine dress (left) & Dianthe dress (right)]
[Ophelia top & Ophelia skirt (left), Kalisi dress (right)]
[Oris top & Oris skirt]
[Io top & ball gown skirt (Suit: Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas)]
[Elysia top & Classic A-line skirt (in nude color)]
[Hera top & Elysia skirt]
[Hera top & Elysia skirt]
[Thelia dress]
[Keila dress -long version]
[Theoni top, mini skirt & transparent skirt]
[Loira top & Dareia skirt]
[Alcmine dress]
[Anemone top & Anemone skirt]

[Athina top & Athina skirt]
[Iliani dress]  PHOTOGRAPHY: Andy Van Rose |
WEDDING DRESSES: Atelier Zolotas  | TAILORED SUITS: Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas

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