New Zolotas boutique in Australia!

It all started with Sophie going to a wedding!

She traveled from Perth, Australia, where she lives, all the way to Greece, to attend her cousin’s wedding.

While she was at the wedding, she uploaded a photo of the bride and groom on her social media profile. The bride was dressed in a custom-made Atelier Zolotas couture gown. After the post was online, she started to receive comments and messages from her friends complimenting the bride’s dress as this style seemed completely different! The comments continued the following days and she decided to measure its appeal by doing a little test!

After doing some research on the brand, she had an idea… which was basically “taking” this bridal brand with her all the way back to Australia! While she was still in Athens, she arranged a meeting with the designer, VG Zolotas, to discuss this prospect and see the whole collection in person. When she visited the Atelier, she became even more impressed by it, as it was indeed unique and innovative and she felt more confident about this plan. She shared the idea of bringing the handmade Hellenic Vintage collection to Australia, as this would be something Australia had never seen before… and it seems that enthusiasm reaches agreements!

Within three weeks’ time, Sophie set up her own wedding boutique under the name Zolotas Australia, which would be Perth’s newest bridal collection!

Atelier Zolotas became Western Australia’s biggest bridal arrival. The collection spoke directly to the hearts of the Australian brides, who started placing orders.

The “Hellenic Vintage” collection brought something different… it is part of a precious heritage, originality and haute couture craftsmanship. All the dresses are made completely by hand, in the most unconventional and bohemian way.

This was something bigger than just a dream come true… it was about bringing a piece of the Hellenic tradition, a country where Sophie comes from, to Australia.

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