Paraskevi – Giorgos

How I met my man…

It all started in the spring of 2015. We met completely by chance, introduced by a group of mutual friends in Nafplion -I was still living in Athens back then! Not even a month went by before he tracked me down through our friends, and it didn’t take long before he asked me out. And then, it all begun! Our first date was on the 13th of May… A few days later, I decided to move to the amazingly beautiful town of Nafplion! I handed in my resignation, left everything behind and headed there! After two years of living together, we decided to get married!

Then, he proposed…

And it wasn’t planned at all! We found ourselves in the chapel of Saint Paraskevi, in Nafplion, a place with an amazing view of the town by the sea. He just said to me, “This is where I would like to get married to you”.

And this is where it all happened! On the 13 of May-we couldn’t have the wedding any other day, in the same church.

If I had to choose one favorite moment!

It was the dreamy moment when my friends and relatives escorted me, on foot, from my bridal room at the Klymeni resort, where I got prepared for my wedding, to the chapel of the same premises. I found Giorgos waiting for me, more in love than ever. Not only did I feel it, but he also admitted it himself later on. Our very special day left us with the sweetest memories, after a romantic ceremony and a fairytale appearance on my part, with the signature of the Atelier Zolotas bridal house.

The magic lies in the details!

Our wedding style was vintage – romantic, in the shades of white and green. The main flowers were succulents. The flower arrangement comprised of white roses, eucalyptus and baby’s-breath, in the earthy shades of white, light green and touches of vert amande color!

As for the bridal bouquet, it also featured white peonies and light salmon hypericum!

In the chapel where the ceremony was held, the candlesticks stood out, as well as the frames with our pictures hanging from the tree trunks in the churchyard -representing the tree of love. In the reception area, the most characteristic detail was our photos hanging from partitions, at the entrance of the venue -on which our guest wrote their wishes.

The best wedding decision I ever made…

It was my wedding dress! It was very unique, in the same romantic style as my wedding theme. Also, the Volkswagen Beetle 1600 dating back to 1972, an antique car in my favorite color -vert amande, with a grey interior and light decoration. This is how my husband came to the church, and how we left it together.

If I could give some advice to a bride-to-be…

Not to be stressed, we have to fully enjoy the day of our own wedding! Just begin your wedding research early, and opt for the talented professionals who will inspire confidence in you.

Oh, my wedding dress!

I found my wedding gown in the Ijunia dress! I first saw it on Pinterest and loved it! It was white, simple but at the same time distinctive. The only question that remained after finding it, was whether it would suit me as I had imagined, something which became clear after the first time I tried it on! One of its greatest advantages was that it was lightweight. It played an important role in my decision since I felt as if I was wearing an ethereal dress!

From my first contact with the people of the Atelier, I was assisted in the most courteous and helpful manner. I felt very confident during my bridal experience… Sarah, who assisted me, was so kind and she made me feel assured of the final result (since the dress would be tailored from the start for me). I particularly remember my first rehearsal. To my eyes, everything was perfect! But Sarah noticed a minor imperfection, which had escaped my notice. When it was fixed, the result was just dreamlike! It is very important for Atelier Zolotas to pay attention to everything, up to the last detail.

I also found a great balance between the quality and pricing of this handmade collection, which make these gowns affordable for a bride-to-be!

I would like to thank the following people, for turning my dream into a wedding reality…

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER: Photo Synthesis | VIDEOGRAPHER: Photo Synthesis |
WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas – Ijunia dress  | BRIDAL SHOES: Thomas shoes |
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Poph Georgakopouloy | HAIRSTYLIST: Smyrniotaki Aspa | WEDDING CEREMONY: Agia Paraskeui, Nafplion | WEDDING PLANNER: Artistico | FLORIST: Kathy Trakas
INVITATIONS: Nikos Tsafos | WEDDING FAVORS: Artistico | WEDDING RECEPTION: Agamemnon Palace | LIVE MUSIC: Grigoris Ogligori Papantonis |
VOW CROWNS:  Velissaria |

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