Crop Top Combos

At Atelier Zolotas, we have a soft spot for destination weddings, and the Crop Top wedding dress collection embodies all the reasons why. Hand-knitted and organic, these dresses are masterpieces of Grecian dressmaking artistry. Moreover, haute couture has never been more versatile and comfortable!

There’s no better way to infuse a vintage bridal look with freshness than with a crop top combination. Whether you aim to capture the essence of a Greek summer or exchange vows against a seaside backdrop, your one and only boho wedding dress awaits to be revealed.

It might even inspire you to transform throughout your big day, allowing you to change your bridal skirt from the ceremony to a different one for the reception and its party! This way, you can seamlessly adapt your look and keep the celebration dynamic and exciting.

In addition to looking effortlessly captivating, one thing is certain! You will feel comfortable yet elegant, and stay cool under the summer sun in a crop top gown. This collection is a result of slow fashion with a playful twist!

Aren’t you eager to create your bridal combo, in ivory or white? We simply can’t wait for you to discover our Crop Top wedding dress collection, brought to life by hand!