Hellenic Opulence

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The ‘Hellenic Opulence’ collection is a testament to innovative bridal style, with a boho-luxe twist! It is a precious part of the Grecian heritage, hand-made in Atelier Zolotas. Its originality will elevate your bridal game to new heights.

Vg Zolotas designs an haute couture world of illusion that is 100% real. It’s the fusion of dress-making artistry with the touch of gold, a celebration of slow fashion with organic fabrics, and a personalized approach to creating your ethereal dress.

What sets it apart? f golden threads of lurex give a luxurious feel to your gown, a remarkably unique feature. At the Zolotas atelier, we dedicate ourselves to brides-to-be with a personal style, seeking an extraordinary expression of self.

Each boho wedding dress is hand-knitted to perfection. Delicate organic vintage lace and artful crochet work define the collection, blending vintage bridal couture with a bohemian twist. A custom-made gown from the Hellenic Vintage collection is a masterpiece, deeply rooted in Greek traditions and closely connected to your heart.

You’ve just discovered the most authentic boho-chic collection worldwide. Considering a touch of gold for your big day? Prepare to be deeply moved by this gold wedding dress collection.