Hellenic Purity

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The “Hellenic Purity” is a minimal wedding dress collection that expresses minimalistic sophistication, combining vintage aesthetics and contemporary lines.

This whimsical bridal line keeps your dress simple, yet intricate. The tailoring team of the house designs every dress using mainly organic fabrics, and cotton lace in ivory or white. Meanwhile, every design follows the creative direction and fashion-forward lines of VG Zolotas.

Boho brides around the world finally have the haute couture they deserve. As a result, they get to feel like their best selves on their special day. Each dress is hand-made, for the free-spirited brides who dare to break the mold.

This collection has dressed numerous destination weddings worldwide and it will make the best choice for yours, as it can be custom-made to your needs.

Whether you fall in love with the captivating effect of muslin or soft tulle, we will incorporate the principles of slow fashion in the creation of your wedding dress, paying great attention to detail. The result is effortlessly elegant and ethereal, ensuring your comfort from the first moment you put it on and gaze at your radiating self in the mirror.

The Hellenic Purity collection provides freedom and will make your heart skip a beat. We leave you to it!