Hellenic Vintage

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VG Zolotas envisioned a bridal collection seamlessly blending the past and future of haute couture dressmaking, achieving just that with the “Hellenic Vintage” collection. This renowned collection has traveled the world, narrating a story of bridal originality, Greek heritage, and untamed boho-chic style.

Each handmade wedding dress takes form around your unique body and carries a timeless Grecian aesthetic. Vintage lace and intricately hand-knitted crochet embroideries are transformed by VG Zolotas’ contemporary designs, available in either Cycladic white or vintage ivory color.

The concept of “slow fashion” breathes life into organic cotton lace. In addition, it empowers you to bring your wedding vision to life, to the destination of your dreams.

Just like our brides, in Atelier Zolotas, we defy conventional stereotypes. A Zolotas bride isn’t aspiring to be a “princess” but is destined to look like a queen. It is our honor to dress remarkable women who follow their dreams and pursue them with all their hearts.

After all, your bridal gown serves as your canvas, expressing your identity through the art of haute couture. Your final look will leave everyone in awe.

Boho-ready to explore the Hellenic Vintage collection and get the bridal fun started?