Profoto International Campaign Meets Zolotas Haute Couture!

In every sector, industry or artistry, there are certain limitations one is bound by. Overcoming these limitations makes the pioneer. But breaking the rules is not easy, especially when it comes to the laws of nature.

Being a photographer means chasing the light, avoiding the light, and being dependant on the light.  Especially when you want to capture one of the most personal days in a person’s life, the day of their wedding.

While we are known around the world for breaking the rules of conventional wedding dresses with our handmade, organic haute couture collections, Profoto is world-famous for its innovation in photography.

This time, Profoto presents the smallest ever cordless off-camera flash, Profoto B10, which will change the status-quo, minimizing your photographic limitations. Now you have full control of light, with just a small device.

And whenever innovation happens, we want to be there. It comes as no surprise that we were chosen to become a part of its international campaign, in collaboration with the talented Frøydis Geithus & Havard Nesbo, who were among the very few photographers-videographers in the world, to first try the new Profoto B10, walking you through the new features and possibilities.

Our handmade Calypso traveled all the way to Norway, and 3 days in the Norwegian forests provided the perfect testing ground! This distinctive wedding dress created a pure haute couture aesthetics and our characteristic bridal atmosphere in the wild setting! The true love of Iselin Solbakken and Steffen Laegreid became the essence of the photo shoot (nothing is complete without love!).

PHOTOGRAPHY: Frøydis Geithus | VIDEOGRAPHY: Havard Nesbo
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Iselin Solbakken | HAIRSTYLIST: Elise Lillestol
REAL COUPLE: Iselin SolbakkenSteffen Laegreid

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