Romantic Bohemian theme by the sea!

“I want a simple wedding” is even more popular than “I want a princess wedding” -would you guess? And if you are more likely to say the first line, I have to warn you -it’s trickier than it seems! Most flamboyant weddings started with a simple-themed concept that got carried away!

So you might want to take a closer look at this seaside photo shoot that creates a romantic boho setting that we would never like to part with, without spending the night… So there’s a tent in the sand!

The question is, how do you keep things simple and true?

First, you need true love. That’s the easy part!! Moving on to the dress… This is also easy for Atelier Zolotas, where every wedding dress is made by hand, if you want to create a feast of love on your big day, while wearing a dress like no other… Probably every dress from the Hellenic Vintage collection would be a great fit, but we had to make one choice… In the end, we went for two dresses! The Phillys dress (in ivory) sends out the most bohemian vibes, but we also love Crop Top wedding dresses, so we had to include the Hera top with the most breezy muslin skirt -in white!

As for the color palette… Earthy soft tones matched the white sand, and of course, amazing blooms -anemones and a lot of pale white and pink roses… because there’s no such thing as too many roses!

As the saying goes, “two is company, three is a crowd”. So a picnic is set for two… Make your art de la table choices in white! We recommend seashells and candles as the very essentials for the beach style decoration. Macrame is one of the most charming works of art that hands can create, so you might want to include it in the cushions -because comfort is on our minimalistic list. White lanterns and a carpet complete the perfect scenery.

Can you feel the fun already?

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alannah Liddell | WEDDING DRESSES: Zolotas Australia |
HAIRSTYLING & MAKE-UP:  Cat Elizabeth Artistry | FLORIST:  Signature Floral Design |
STYLING: Lace Petals and Hearts &  Heart Strings Hire and Style | STATIONARY & SILK: Lines and Squares | MODEL: Tanya Salvarinov

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