The Bridal Gang (a.k.a Bridesmaids) in boho Zolotas dresses!

Chios island keeps inspiring us to create new bohemian scenes, that will live up to your dreamiest expectations! Apart from nailing your bridal look… can you think of anything better than also focusing on the bridal gang (a.k.a bridesmaids), when it comes to their boho Zolotas dresses and styling?

Spontaneity is our thing (as well as handmade haute couture!). So, -a little heads up- there follows a guitar serenade and a beautiful group of bridesmaids! Atelier Zolotas dressed each one of them in the Hellenic Vintage collection, from the new Zolotas Legacy boutique, in Chios! After all, ever since its opening at the castle of Mesta, this is the best bridal boutique on the island!

The crochet leaves on nude transparency that make up the Semele wedding dress will most probably attract your attention, as well as the cotton fringe of the Artemisia wedding dress (boho vibes, anyone?), and the cool spirit of the crop top bridesmaids’ dresses that follow!

We would like to thank Orelias home for the amazing florals and design, Eleytheria Tourlioti for the make-up glow of the bride(smaids) and of course, Valentiny Photography for capturing just the right moments!

The groom, Nikos Giakoumas is dressed in a “Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas” checkered suit in the shades of burgundy color.

And don’t you love red details in the flower bouquet and decoration against a rustic backdrop? You know we tailor for the bold ones!

 PHOTOGRAPHER: Valentiny Photography
HANDMADE WEDDING & BRIDESMAIDS’ DRESSES: Atelier Zolotas | GROOM’S ATTIRE:  Gentlemen Experts by Atelier Zolotas |
HAIRSTYLIST & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Eleytheria Tourlioti | FLORAL HEADPIECES & BOUQUETS: Orelias Home | BRIDE & BRIDESMAIDS: Vasianna Daggini, Amalia Kayanioti, Mairh Attaliwth, Eleni Allushi | GROOM: Nikos Giakoumas

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