The Hellenic Vintage Campaign behind the cameras!

If I had to talk about the campaign shootings of Atelier Zolotas (which is definitely the case) using less than 10 words, I would say this: “We laugh and have fun. At the end of the day, it’s a wrap”. If you noticed the word excess, you are missing my point!

I’m used to writing about things just by seeing the videos and the photos and listening to the stories. In this case, though, I was in Paros island with the Zolotas team and I can tell you this: these photo shoots are an experience in their own right!

First of all, there is always live music playing, most of the time by an orchestra and it is never posed and stiff… Everyone is on the move, as if you were watching a scene from a movie. And there’s a lot of dancing! Sometimes you forget you’re looking at models and actors. It gets you!

I asked the fashion designer and creative director, VG Zolotas how he manages to direct all those people at the same time and still get such natural results on the screen. He said “I don’t! Our photo shoots are always conceptual, it has to look like a real Hellenic wedding. So, in order to feel as if you are in a wedding, you have to act naturally through every custom and process of a ceremony. There are a lot of people in a wedding, so our photoshoots comprise a small crowd! And you can’t direct that, it’s a feeling…. You have to let everyone be free and have fun, because that will come out in the pictures. After all, that is what a wedding is about… love and fun. And you can’t feign that!”

That’s what he said, but he left some things out! The models looked divine. It was an ode to Greek beauty. Maria Tsagaraki and Angelina Mataliotaki looked as if they were the muses in the Hellenic Vintage collection conception… I saw true emotion in them, real smiles, at times they looked like little girls! They enjoyed their dresses, the wind blew their hair as if it was arranged…. I was deeply impressed! What Ι liked the most, was that it was all colorful! You wouldn’t expect a lot of colors and motion when you think of a wedding photo shoot! Atelier Zolotas proved this stereotype wrong.

When the photo shoot was over and we were on the boat sailing back to the city, I only asked VG… “when is the next one?”

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