The story behind “Zolotas Baltic”

We have always loved telling our story of handmade couture and Hellenic heritage to different lands and brides from different countries by becoming a part of their wedding day… In November 2017, another big step in this direction was made.

A new boutique in Lithuania became a reality and was added to the Zolotas family. Of course, I could tell you the story,  but I would rather let its owner, Roberta, narrate it in her own words…

“Having been raised in my mother’s bridal boutique, I had brides around me all my life. My mother has been working in the bridal industry for 20 years, with well-known brands around the world. Since I was a little girl, I have been watching brides choose their dream dress, from their first fitting up to the last day,  leaving my mum’s bridal boutique full of anticipation. Without being fully aware of it, I had always aspired to have a future career in the industry as well, but I wanted to do it in a different way.

My mum and I attended lots of wedding exhibitions around Europe every year, for about five years in a row. In April 2017, we attended the Barcelona Bridal Fair. This fair amazed me more than ever. I was walking from one stand to another until I came across something completely outstanding – it was Atelier Zolotas!

The first feeling that passed through my body and mind was that it appeared to be exactly what reflected me as a person. It was beyond clothing style and fashion trends. It was something deeper, my approach to life and values.  My mum, standing near me, said: “This is you, Roberta. I can see it on your face. You should see yourself… you are just shining!”

It felt like I had finally found the uniqueness I was looking for my whole life. Even before starting a conversation with Vg, the designer (who was the first one I made a personal contact with at the fair), I had already believed in these dresses. When I started talking with Vg, I felt a connection between us. As if we shared the same perception and probably similar values. To be honest, these two things made an impression on me. I decided to make an order and not lose contact with Atelier Zolotas, as I could see future prospects in Lithuania.

After our meeting, all I could think about were these dresses -every single day and night.  When I returned to Lithuania and even after a few weeks, I found myself constantly thinking whether I should listen to my heart and set up a whole new business exclusively with this product here in Lithuania. It was a big step that I really felt I wanted to take.

While I was still in between, I decided to come to Athens, to visit the house of Atelier Zolotas in person! Ever since my warm welcoming and during the whole time I spent at the atelier, I was given the opportunity to see the unique process of creating haute couture gowns by hand, and meet with the atelier team.  These were the essential and decisive reasons why I decided to start this venture. On an emotional level, communication was genuine, which was a major factor as well.

I only had positive feelings in my heart and I deeply believed that we would be able to make it happen -the Zolotas Baltic project! Being in Athens felt like home – only the language was a bit of an issue. After detailed discussions on the business plan, endless video calls and daily communication, I realized that this was a team I felt confident with and I really trusted, so I just allowed myself to start making it a reality. I decided that Lithuania and the other Baltic countries had to see this beauty! I absolutely believed in that!

From then on, things moved on quickly. We had to figure out everything -from the city that we would choose, to the last details of the boutique. Everything was going so fast… it is only now that I am able to realize how much was done in the short period of three months. At first, the premises were absolutely empty, just bare walls. In the beginning, I could only visualize it with the interior designer. Seeing it all come together was one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

This is only the beginning of a beautiful journey… A quest for new, unique bridal stories that we will write together, happening for the first time-in the Baltics!

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