Theatrical luxury meets haute couture!

There is a different feeling in the air, wherever the Zolotas gowns are showcased! The feeling of the handmade crochet, the flair of vintage ivory laces, and the original aesthetic of the collection provide an extraordinary experience to anyone who enters the boutique. This is why, whenever we arrange a styled photo shoot, we invite the photographer and stylist to the Hellenic Vintage world of Atelier Zolotas…

The photographer Photo Aiste impulsively got the inspiration for the location when he first saw the collection! He was looking for something new in Lithuania, and the arrival of the Zolotas bridal collection inspired him a vision. He wanted to create a styled shoot which combined their bohemian style and Hellenic philosophy with the luxurious surroundings of the historic “Vaidilos” theater! In his own words: “Without any corsets or any rules, brides can feel like real goddesses! A collection for the women who desire an extraordinary, but at the same time, earthy dress”.

Three breathtaking gowns from the Hellenic Vintage collection were chosen, creating a luxurious effect… Since a theater calls for action, the dresses express body movement and liberate a bride from the restrains of ordinary wedding dresses. The Amalthea dress with the impressive detachable sleeves, the Delphis dress with the stunning open back and the Elysia dress with the elegant crochet details are the names you need to look up!

As if the enchanting atmosphere wasn’t enough, candles added to the setting, as well as the vintage velvet couch and flower arrangements.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo Aiste | DECORATION: Ema Laurynaitė
MAKE UP ARTIST: Kristina Vaskela Makeup Artist | HAIRSTYLING: Ugnė FlamingHair Martinkutė
JEWELRY: FeraHano | VENUE: J9 Vaidilos teatras | MODEL: Sofija Eitutytė

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