Vlogging Stories: Jess’s Handmade Wedding Dress!

We never miss a chance to make a bride-to-be part of the creation and completion of her handmade wedding dress, which will be tailored from the very start just for her!

This time we had a very interesting couple in the Atelier. The famous travel vloggers Flying the Nest are known for leaving everything behind, in order to travel together around the world… And when it came to their wedding -these two are obviously in love!- they chose to get married in Greece, so Jess wanted her dress as Hellenic as possible! Needless to say, we were thrilled to become a part of such of a personal journey!

From her first fitting (and their Greek Freddo Cappuccinos -which they became addicted to), up to the last stitch of her Rhea Essence dress from the Hellenic Vintage Essence collection, Jess’s emotions are put on display! This was a tailoring marathon since the dress had to be ready in 4 days, and Stephen gave us an exclusive video!

Soon they were getting married in Myconos…. But just before that, press play on the story behind her wedding dress!

PS. Stephen saw the bride before the wedding, breaking the tradition, and gazed at her during her fittings (he even cooled her with my holding fan, when she got a bit hot).
And they were #couplegoals!

VIDEOGRAPHY: Stephen Parry | WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas, Rhea Essence Dress
COVER PHOTO: Phosart Photography Cinematography

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