What happens at a Zolotas Trunk Show…

If you are a bride-to-be, you have surely heard stories about the extraordinary experience of a Zolotas Trunk Show in Cyprus, Thessaloniki, Crete, and so many new places!

We have previously shared with you the very first  Zolotas Trunk Show which took place in Cyprus and then evolved into an established event! Soon, it started to take place twice a year, after all the available appointments were booked out! The first Trunk Show took place in an ultramodern house of glass, in the heart of a forest… Then, we opted for seaside mansions… But do you want to know how it all began?

During the process of creating this event, we asked the simple question: How do you dream of finding your wedding dress? We wanted to give a great answer to this question, so we created a magical experience!

The concept is simple… The handmade dresses of the entire Hellenic Vintage collection travel all the way from Athens to the Trunk Show destination. Our team, the wedding experts of Atelier Zolotas, welcome you to a luxurious villa of impressive architecture in order to give you the perfect idea of our haute couture collection, by trying on its handmade models. This experience would not be the same without your favorite people, whom you are encouraged to have with you during your appointment! To make this beautiful event even more unforgettable, you will definitely need your girlfriends and your beloved family, so they are all welcome to our house as well!

Let us share some beautiful moments from the latest Zolotas Trunk Show in Cyprus, to give you a good idea of what comes next! We would like to thank Vassilis Adamopoulos (you probably already know his work from the Our Brides blog section) for attending it in order to capture some of its idyllic moments…

PHOTOGRAPHY: Vassilis Adamopoulos

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