Your Hera Wedding Dress feels like summer!

Have you ever thought to yourself “I‘d love to get married by the sea”? Probably yes, if you’re thinking about tying the knot, and everyone would easily guess why.

In Greece, we have numerous beautiful islands where one can fulfill that bridal dream. Furthermore, there are a lot of options for the brides who want to get married by the sea but stay in the capital, or for the lucky ones who live close to the seaside all around the world.

You see, the seaside is the essence of Greece. It’s in our genes and in the air we like to breathe… and for most of its people, it is the place where we have enjoyed our most amazing times! Partying by the beach is great and summer nights are magical!

Even if a bride can’t opt for a wedding by the sea, she probably dreams of a dress that reminds her of the summertime. The Hera dress is a great example of an ethereal boho gown that actually looks cool while being chic!

Hera belongs to the Hellenic Vintage Crop Top, the most summerish collection that has been designed by Atelier Zolotas (only until the next one!). This gown loves movement and a bride can feel refreshed under the summer sun, due to the transparency of the net fabric made of pure cotton! It is made completely by hand, with unique embroidery in crochet.


During your appointment in Atelier Zolotas, dare to play around with different skirts, to create your unique bridal look… flexibility in combinations is among the top reasons this collection is famous for!

And just let your wedding dress feel like summer!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographic  | WEDDING DRESS: Atelier Zolotas

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