Zolotas Baltic – One year Celebration Event!

We have the feeling that Zolotas Baltic has always been there, probably because this boutique in Kaunas, is a pure expression of the Zolotas mentality.

On October the 3rd, Zolotas Baltic held an official celebration event for its one year of operation, inviting bridal influencers, wedding planners, and the press and media to its gem-boutique! For the first time, the brand new Hellenic Vintage Origin collection was presented, before being introduced to the brides-to-be of Lithuania.

The future of the wedding industry calls for personalized choices of wedding dresses which no one has seen before, and an authentic expression of each couple! Zolotas Baltic has inspired all that.

Its owner, Roberta Bulotaite, shares the following about the event… In her own words:

“I presented the Zolotas Baltic story – which started when I realized that this haute couture collection and the Zolotas family are much more than just a wedding product and a bridal brand name. Their unique philosophy inspires their bride-client approach, their warm and honest communication, the quality of their bridal creations and every aspect of their existence.

I opened the doors of the Zolotas Baltic boutique for my guests, which is natural & organic from floor to ceiling, creating an intimate atmosphere.  Its decoration follows these primary lines, featuring handmade macrame luminaires and curtains. Its main idea conveys that it’s not just about the wedding dresses, but also the personalized service and communication with each and every bride. When a bride enters my boutique, she can feel the Hellenic character and connection to something precious, even before wearing the couture gowns…

The new Hellenic Vintage Origin collection perfectly compliments the main one, exploring bolder contemporary designs, which are decorated in the most intricate crochet embroidery you have ever seen, up until now. The designer plays with transparency and the sentiments that the crochet evokes, exposing all its handmade details. The sun and the sea are the main elements in his creative process, making these designs completely different from all the others in the world. A collection that is born from the Hellenic heritage and handmade techniques and is personalized for each bride. This sets the style of a powerful trend: the one that is created after meeting YOU”.

Let us share some photos of this special event!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jurgita Lukos
CATERING: Graikiška virtuvė Rhodos | DECORATION & PLANNING: Baltos Avelės
EVENT’S DJ: Paulius Grebliunas (Tavo Fiesta)
VENUE: Zolotas Baltic

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