Bridal Kimonos & Cover Ups

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On your wedding day, achieving an original bridal style is not just about a breathtaking gown. It’s an entire handmade aesthetic. In Atelier Zolotas, this aesthetic includes boho kimonos and bridal cover ups. During the wedding preparation, before putting on *the* dress, a Zolotas bride is seen –and photographed- in an organic, knitted cover up. A bridal kimono is made purely of cotton, and is above all, breathable and comfortable. Most importantly, it ties your bridal look together. Most importantly, it becomes a part of a relaxed, yet stylish ritual, leading to the wedding ceremony. A Zolotas bohemian kimono is almost sheer… Moreover, it is adorned with vintage lace (in stylish harmony with your Zolotas wedding dress), and can even be decorated with cotton fringe, if you wish! Boho kimonos and bridal cover ups are a part of your wedding day that you can enjoy wearing ever after!